Experiments in HTML5

The Mandelbrot set A canvas implementation of the Mandelbrot set.

Hexagon.js An implementation of a hex grid in JavaScript, using canvas.


A replacement to Reflector, ILSpy is a powerful decompiler

.Net 4.0 Code Contracts

Newly included in .Net 4.0, a look at Code Contracts and static analysis.

.Net 4.0 Parallel Computation I

A look at the Parallel class, .Net 4.0's new functionality to simplify multi-threading.

ASP .NET MVC Canonical urls and 301 Redirects

Impleemnting redericts for SEO in Microsoft's implementation of the MVC pattern for ASP.NET.


Details on routing with ASP.NET MVC.

ASP.NET MVC TrackBack Implementation

ASP.NET MVC makes it very easy to implement trackbacks for a blogging engine


WiX is the Windows Installer toolkit, a power way of creating installers.

Cpp Libraries

A few useful C++ libraries

Scite Tutorials and Scripts

Scite is a powerful text editor especially useful for editing code. It is extensible with the Lua programing language.

WiX Tutorials

WiX (Windows Installer XML toolkit) is a powerful tool from Microsoft to generate MSI files. Building installers is a pretty horrible process, WiX takes much of the pain out of the process. These set of tutorials go over the basics of generating the XML for all parts of an installer.